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             Horse Show Explanations Definitions, and Information  

Events, Horse Trials, 3-phase:

An event is a competition that is ridden and scored over three phases.  The first phase is always dressage. Dressage is ridden “on the flat” and is a memorized pattern that the event organizer picks from the set of dressage tests approved by the USEA.  Each rider in each division is scored on each movement of the dressage test. Judges score on accuracy, correctness, willingness of the horse and partnership with the horse. The scores the dressage judges award are converted into penalty points based on maximum points allowed ( say your “centerline” could have scored a max of 10 but the judge awarded a 7, the 3 point difference in numbers is now your penalty points) The rider with the lowest score will take the lead after dressage.  

The next phase can either be cross country or stadium jumping, traditionally cross country.  This phase is judged simply by making sure the horses jump between the flags. There is a red flag on the right and a white flag on the left of every obstacle, and a color coded number based on the division or height the rider is jumping.  Every refusal or runout will cost the rider 20 penalty points at the first refusal 40 at the second refusal and elimination if a third refusal at the same fence. Riders are allowed 4 refusals or run outs, if not at the same obstacle before elimination.  Going off course or falling off results in elimination. Any penalties will be added to the riders dressage score.

Stadium or Show Jumping is the final test for horse and rider.  A refusal or runout is 4 penalty points, a second is 8 and a third refusal is elimination.  Falling off or going off course is cause for elimination.

The rider with the least amount of points or the lowest score through out all three phases will be the winner, with the whole division getting scored lowest score to highest.  A true test of horse and rider, a very challenging, sometimes humbling, and always adrenaline filled day ☺

Cost for a local 3 phase event: $250 (includes trailering, horse, entry fees coaching for all three phases). $215 ADS full lease discount.  Time frame: riders are given specific ride times after entry

2 phase

A 2 phase is a dressage test and stadium jumping show.  They are scored and penalized with the same rules as a 3 phase or event.   Cost for a local 2 phase: $200 (includes trailering, horse, entry fees, coaching both phases). $165 ADS full lease discount  Time Frame: Riders are given specific ride times after entry

Jumper Show

 Jumper shows are always stadium rounds that riders jump against the clock and with”clean” rounds (no jump faults i.e. Refusals, runout, rails down, going off course, making circles) All rounds are timed, with the fastest, clean round wins.  Every rail down, 4 seconds are added to the riders time. Cost $150 (includes trailering, horse, entry fees, coaching for all the rounds) $115 for ADS full lease riders. Time frame: Jumper shows have a start time, generally starting at the lowest division

Fun Show

 Fun shows are judged on riders position, partnership with the horse, ability to control and obey the judges commands in a timely fashion.  Flat classes are ridden in a group. Jumping classes are also scored based on the same standards as the flat riding. Riders are awarded ribbons for each class.  Cost $150 (includes trailering, horse, entry fees, coaching for all the classes). $115 for ADS full lease riders. Time frame: all day haha

Home Show

 ADS Home shows are judged with the same rules as a fun show.  Flat classes are ridden together, each class gets scored and ribboned immediately.  Great first show, confidence boosting, fun way to show with your barn team mates. Cost $60 Time frame: usually 2 hours

Team Challenge

 Team challenges are comprised of three elements, flat class, jumping class, and knowledge/quiz.  The team will meet at least once prior to the show to practice the jump course, study the knowledge/quiz portion.  Each rider will participate in all three phases during the show, and be scored individually, as well as with the team they represent.  The teams with the highest scoring riders will be placed first and so on down the line. Cost $200 (includes the team meet, show entry fees, trailering, coaching). Usually 2-3 hours from the start